Has The Toyota Yaris Become A Cool Car Now?

Posted on Nov 12 2015 - 12:35pm by admin

We all know that Toyota is a car maker that has an emphasis on quality and reliability. But, style and the “cool factor” isn’t always at the forefront of what they do. Sure, the company released some phenomenal models in the past like the MR2 and the Supra.

Toyota Yaris

These days, most of the cars are often aimed at families and business motorists. And then you’ve got the Yaris. It’s a practical hatchback but it never really appealed to younger motorists. So, it comes as something of a shock when Toyota unveiled the latest Yaris!

Has the Japanese car maker decided to target new markets with the Yaris? It would seem that way, given the complete transformation. Curious about what the Yaris has to offer these days? Let’s explore what you can expect to find in one these days:

The styling doesn’t look boring

OK, I know that style is subjective. But, when you look at the styling for the first-generation Yaris, you’ll know what I mean. The latest incarnation is a huge leap from those days when it comes to styling. Today’s Yaris sports chiseled contours, a sharp front end, and a meaner stance.

I don’t know about you, but I think Toyota have taken some styling lessons from its sister firm, Lexus. The mk3 Yaris does echo some styling cues from the Lexus IS saloon, in my opinion.

It’s still kept that world-famous reliability

When we talk about cars with bulletproof reliability, we refer to makes like Toyota. The Yaris is no exception, especially since it first got unveiled back in 1999. Buyers of the latest-generation Toyota Yaris can enjoy superior reliability.

Major mechanical malfunctions are seldom an issue with that car. The good news is that tradition continues with the third-generation Yaris. Inchcape Toyota say that customers often buy the Yaris for that reason alone! As you only have to pay for necessary servicing, the Yaris offers exceptional value for money.

Safer than your average hatchback

Aside from reliability, safety is also high up on the checklist when buying a car these days. The current shape Toyota Yaris is perhaps one of the safest hatchbacks you will ever own in your life!

It has a total of seven airbags inside the car. The Yaris also comes with ESP or Electronic Stability Program. In a nutshell, ESP isn’t a way to find out what you’re thinking! What it does do is improve traction on the road to prevent you from skidding. Few cars in the same class as the Yaris offer ESP as standard.

Easy to park

People sometimes opt for hatchbacks because they are easier to park in busy cities. Especially when space is at a premium and parking for large cars is seldom available.

The Toyota Yaris comes with electric power steering as standard. That makes the wheel lightweight even when stationary. There is also good all-round visibility in the car, making parallel parking a dream.

I recommend that you try out a new Yaris today; I guarantee you won’t get disappointed!