Some Interesting Facts About The Famous Mini

Posted on Feb 26 2016 - 3:18am by admin

The Austin Mini, now the Mini Cooper, is an icon of the British car industry. It oozes charm and flair and is widely recognised across the entire world. It is known as a great and versatile little car and as such has featured in all walks of life from rallies to film sets. You will of course remember the mini from the Michael Caine classic, The Italian Job. This film did a lot to boost the car’s popularity and sales reached new heights in that period.

2008 MINI Cooper S

The mini remains a highly popular car today. There are many of them for sale across the United Kingdom, like the ones over at Here are some facts about Minis that you may not have known about.

The designer of the iconic Mini, Alec Issigonis was born on November 18, in 1906. The car he made went on to be seen as one of the most inseparable elements of our nation’s car manufacturing legacy.

Classic Mini saw to the upturn in fortunes of the British car industry. The little car was also bestowed with a large number of accolades. The crowning achievement is thought to be the title of Car of the Century by the car magazine Autocar in 1995.

Over 5.3 million classic Minis appeared for release during 1959 – 2000. Because of this, the car became the most well-loved UK vehicle in car industry history.

Mini Cooper S really gained legendary status due to its activities during the Monte Carlo rally. This car saw multiple success for its teams in 1964, 1965 and 1967 respectively. In the season of 1966, racers who chose to run the Mini Cooper S claimed the top three spots. However, it was overruled due to a technicality to do with the headlamp. The decisions that came from the French judges resulted in a lot of criticism. As a result, a crew using the Citroën DS, which, apparently also had incorrect lighting, robbed them of the top prize.

Due to massive interest and the production of new models, Minis had a varied amount of different names. See this list below for an idea of some of them.

Austin 850

Austin Partner

Austin Mini,

Austin Seven

Leyland Mini

Morris 850

Morris Mascot

Morris Mini

Riley Elf

Rover Mini

Wolseley 1000

Wolseley Hornet.

Even though official productions of classic Minis were shut down in around 2000, a special series of the last original car was released in 2012. In the same year, a Mini 1275GT 1970 was discovered underneath the factory in a transport tunnel. That vehicle has incurred some mistreatment, sadly. It was mainly used as transportation by factory workers while moving around the facility. The car brought a price of £1400 in a 2013 auction!

So hopefully you know some interesting things about this special little automobile that you did not know before. Perhaps it has inspired to think about getting your own. It would be a wise investment, considering you will have years of fun in a true style icon.