Why Now Is The Best Time To Buy A Vauxhall Ampera

Posted on Mar 22 2016 - 4:28am by admin

There’s no denying that the fact that more of us are buying hybrid cars. Let’s face it: we are all fed up of paying high maintenance costs for our cars. Plus, the rising price of oil also means fuel is becoming a luxury rather than a necessity.

It’s likely that you’ll know someone that has given up driving because the costs are too high now! The good news is car makers have responded to our concerns. Most offer at least one hybrid model that we can buy.

Vauxhall Ampera

Vauxhall is no exception with the Ampera. But, should you go out and buy one today if you need a new hybrid? The answer is yes! Here’s why:

You can only buy them used

General Motors, Vauxhall’s parent company, has pulled the plug on the Ampera. Why? Few people in Europe bought the car. The reason isn’t down to a problem with the car itself. It was more to do with the cost of getting them brand new.

GM unveiled a facelifted model (the Volt) in the United States. But, it’s unlikely to get sold across the Atlantic. As a result, it’s now only possible to get the Ampera on the used car market.

Still, that’s a positive point because it means one can get a hybrid Vauxhall Ampera for less! The Pentagon-Group, for example, is just one of many dealers that have used Amperas for sale. Aside from that fact, if you’re buying a car, it’s usually better to get a used one because of depreciation.

Few cars can top its fuel economy statistics

One of the Ampera’s selling points is down to its fuel economy. It boasts a combined figure of 235 MPG! You might think this is the kind of thing that a certain German car maker might dream up. But, it’s possible to achieve that figure in the real world and not just in a test lab somewhere!

Don’t forget that the Ampera is a hybrid. It has both an electric motor and a combustion engine. It’s possible to get around 50 miles of range from just the electric motor alone. Plus, it has plenty of innovative fuel-saving measures for the combustion engine too.

It isn’t a Toyota Prius

Don’t get me wrong: I’m a big fan of the Toyota Prius. But, that seems to be the only car people talk about when they want a hybrid. The Vauxhall Ampera offers a fresh alternative to the market.

In fact, many car makers sell hybrid models. They just do a rubbish job of marketing them. The sad truth is that’s another reason why the Ampera didn’t sell so well in Europe.

It has modern styling

Last, but not least, it looks great on the road. The Vauxhall Ampera is without a doubt a head turner. There just isn’t any other car quite like it on the market these days.

I recommend you go out today and take one out for a test drive. I guarantee you that you’ll want to buy one afterwards!