4 Smart Rice Cooker Uses

Posted on Jan 19 2015 - 7:16am by admin

Most people associate a rice cooker with one thing…cooking rice. However, that’s not the only use of a rice cooker,it’s actually an extremely versatile cooking apparatus. Plus it’s easy to use, as most dishes consist of putting in the ingredients, pressing start, and presto! Don’t believe me? Here are four uses for a rice cooker, besides cooking rice.

 rice cooker

Quinoa (or other grains)

If you happen to get tired of rice as a side dish, and want to try out different grains, a rice pot can cook those as perfectly as, well, rice. Take for instance quinoa, a certified superfood. To cook this healthy grain, all you need to do is rinse the quinoa off, add water to the rice cooker, and press start. That’s it! This works for most other grains as well, and you can always spice up the dish by adding almonds, chilies or herbs.

Soup or chili

Rice pots cook chili as easily as a slow cooker, just choose any chili recipe made for a slow cooker. As far as soup goes, just mix the ingredients, then set the rice cooker to “cook”, then “warm”, and voila, you’ve got a cosy, warm soup. Best of all they both take very little prep time.

Red Meat

Who can forget about the staple of most dishes, red meat. Yes, a rice pot can cook that too, and it can cook it very well. For instance, you can baste ribs, add a little olive oil to the cooker, and throw them in. After that, add in any seasoning you want (I’m a fan of adding beer and bbq sauce), then press cook. After about an hour, you’ve got ribs so good you’ll think it came from your favourite restaurant.

Breakfast and dessert

Moving down the line of food groups, a rice cooker can even cook sweets and your breakfast! Feel like oatmeal? Then throw a couple servings in the rice cooker, add in whatever flavours you want, and then enjoy a short time later. On the other, sweeter side, you can make things like pomegranate poached pears in the pot. All you need are some pears, pomegranate juice, and any other flavourings you would like (think apple cider, cinnamon, etc). Then all that’s left is placing the pears in the liquid, setting the temperature, and that’s it. You’ve got a delicious dessert that is perfect with some ice cream.

As you can see, you can cook virtually any meal with a rice cooker, and you can do it quite easily. If you’re after hassle-free meals, then it might be time to invest!