Protect Your Android Phones From Being Hacked By MMS Attack

Posted on Jul 30 2015 - 4:06am by Brad Haddin

The MMS attack has now on all over the world and the android phones are being hacked by it and it is said to be vulnerable. More importantly, Android malware comes through the installment of tricky apps outside of the protected walls of Google Play. However, it is also possible to attach malware to a multimedia message, which will download to your phone once you view the message.


Simple Solution

you might think, would be to keep your wits about you and not to open and immediately delete any suspicious-looking messages. But that isn’t the always so easy; Hangouts, which will be the default messaging app for many Android users, by default automatically processes incoming media messages without your input. If you are using Hangouts as the default messaging app, you can either use a different messaging app or you can stop it automatically regaining multimedia messages. We will look at how to do so below.

If you do not have an alternative messaging app on your phone you can either download one from Google Play, or you can turn Hangouts’ off  ability to automatically retrieve multimedia messages. It isn’t just Hangouts that will auto regain multimedia messages by default. The Messages app on our Samsung Galaxy S6 also auto regains MMS messages by default. To turn this off open Messages and select More, Settings, More Settings, Multimedia messages, and disable the option to Auto regain. Open up the Settings app on your phone, then select More under Wireless & networks, and finally tap on Default SMS app. And the other option is to open the app and tap the three vertical lines icon at the top left of the screen to access the options, then choose Settings, SMS, SMS enabled.

In the vanilla versions of Android where Hangouts is not the default messaging app you should open the Messaging app and select the three dots icon to access Settings, Multimedia MMS Messages, then ensure the option to auto retrieve is disabled.