Slow and Steady Wins the Broadband Race

Posted on Jan 29 2015 - 3:23am by admin

An incredible 75% of American homeowners aren’t on the best broadband deals for their usage, a recent government survey has indicated. Given how much of our modern lives require good internet speeds, it’s time to look at the common mistakes people make and how to get the best deal when it comes to broadband.


3 Common Errors 

When it comes to home broadband, consumers regularly make these 3 common mistakes even before they’ve got hooked up:

  • Signing with the first company they see – gone are the days when there was only one broadband provider for a whole state or region, and the home broadband market has expanded massively. As with any major purchase, the first company you see offering a good deal may not be the one with the best broadband package for your needs.
  • Buying in a rush – it’s tempting when you’ve just moved to a new house or city to sign up quickly with a broadband provider to get yourself online. However, the average term for a broadband contract is 18 months, so you can find yourself stuck paying a lot for low speeds if you’re not careful.
  • Accepting the offer “as is” – the new levels of competition among broadband providers mean that each company is eager to get your custom. Of course it’s easier to sign up to one of their advertised deals, but most consumers don’t realise that there is wiggle room to negotiate a better deal, under the threat of choosing another company. If you can avoid these 3 errors, you’ll give yourself the best chance at finding the right internet deal for you.

How To Get the Best Deal 

The best broadband packages aren’t always easy to find, especially in bigger cities where there may be half a dozen providers to choose from, each with their own promotions. Follow these steps to get the best deal:

  • Compare – the first step is to get onto a broadband comparison website which will give you a breakdown of prices, average speeds and most importantly customer reviews for each provider in your area. Being able to see all the information at once will allow you to make an informed choice.
  • Negotiate – if you see a deal you like at one company, but find that another’s rates are cheaper, don’t be afraid to call and see if they’ll match the deal. Once the salesperson realizes that you’re a potential client, they’ll bend over backwards to get your custom.
  • Look at the perks – finally, look at what else is being offered. Many broadband providers are beginning to bundle their services with cable and phone lines, as well as offering free routers.

The take home message when you’re looking for a good broadband package is to take your time. If you can afford to spend a week using your phone’s internet, you’ll end up with quick broadband at a price you can afford.