A7S II By Sony: Fully Compact System Camera

Posted on Sep 12 2015 - 4:17am by Chris Tomaino

The A7S II By Sony is an amazing update to one of Sony’s 3 high end full frame cameras. The res looks low, but this is a camera, which was designed for high sensitivity and 4K video rather than day to day photography.


The A7S II can also records full HD footage at up to 120-fps and at a bitrate of 100-Mbps for super-slow motion playback. The bitrate is an indication of the compression implemented to video footage and its subsequent quality.

12 megapixels may seem an crazily low res for a full frame compact system camera, but the A7S II is designed for sensitivity rather than res. This is as clear an indication as you could ask for that res, sensor size and high ISO functionality are inextricably linked.

The Sony A7S II has the same res as the original model, Sony says new noise reduction hardware and software gives great results at high sensitivity settings.

The number of auto-focus points has been increase to 169, and Sony says the A7S II has 2x faster auto-focus response in video mode. The A7S II feels well made, though, and it is comfy to hold. It is also tougher than the old A7S, with more magnesium alloy in its construction and a reinforced lens mount.

The original A7S controlled noise well, though the top ISO 409,600 setting came with such a drop in quality that it was best avoided. Sony says the A7S II has amended high-ISO functionality and we look forward to testing this properly when we can get a sample for testing.

The A7S’s auto-focus capability too. We were shown a demonstration involving a stuffed toy in a dark box,and it did look good, while in more average lighting conditions it proved fast and accurate. Again, though, we will want to test this properly.


The A7S II is a particularize, high sensitivity stills/video camera and it was told over half of the people who bought it are professionals.