Bitdefender Box 2 – Security System For Your Smart Home

Posted on Jul 6 2017 - 6:09am by Brad Haddin

At CES 2017, the Antivirus manufacturer introduced a second generation of its Bitdefender Box, which company dubbed as the Bitdefender Box 2. It is a smart home security solution for all your connected devices at home, meaning protect your smart devices from malware and hackers. A revolutionary box will protects every computer, smartphone, tablet, smart TVs, Wi-Fi thermostats, and other home gadget and devices.

It does not only provide security to smart devices in just home, but it protects your mobile and laptop devices outside at home as well. Meaning if you go outside at home, so it will be providing security system to your mobile devices anywhere you go, thanks to the Bitdefender’s Private Line VPN service. With this service all your devices are protected outside at home, including IOS devices as well. It will protect your device when your device is connecting with any other W-Fi networks, which is unfamiliar to your device.

Unlike its predecessor, which came in squat square shape, the second generation Bitdefender Box 2 looks like a tall cylinder that is very different from the first one. There is also a small LED present at the front, which turns red or blue to show the status of the device.

In terms of internal specs, the box 2 comes with improved specs and many new features, which helps it to expand their security against malware and attackers. The Bitdefender Box 2 is powered by the dual core 1.2 GHz ARM Cortex A9 processor and paired with 1GB of RAM. For the storage, the second generation box is equipped with a 4GB of flash storage capacity.

The newly announced Box 2 will come with Bitdefender Total Security antivirus software, which provides you more security and you can install this software on all your computers, Macs, and Android devices as well. Regarding to the price, the Bitdefender Box 2 will retail for $199 plus a $99 yearly subscription. The security providing box will begin shipping at the end of the 2017, while the pre-orders will start this summer.