Canon 5DS R – High Definition Pictures And Videos

Posted on Jun 27 2015 - 4:21am by Brad Haddin

The Canon 5DS-R seems like the senescent of Canon 5D Mark III even though it’s not, the canon 5DS-R is totally opposite to Mark III in features, photo-shooting and specifications with glorious picture result and video quality. The 5DS-R camera offers the potential for even greater sharpness and fine detail for particularized situations. It details the same Canon roughed in and constructed 50.6 Megapixel sensor, with the low-pass filter effect cancelled to provide even more fine edge sharpness and detail for critical subjects such as detailed landscapes, and other situations where getting the sharpest subject detail is a precedence.



It is a perplexing camera. But unlike cameras such as the Sony A7R II that reach into the pro space from the consumer market, this is a pro camera that does not try to be all things to all people. At this point it’s unmatched, but only in certain areas. It is not the ultimate camera, but for some the £3200 price will be easy to vindicate.

Handling And Designing

With a deep, sure grip and fantastic construction, the Canon 5DS-R feels like it could withstand years of punishment. It has a magnesium allow shell and is fully weather-sealed. When matched with a weather-sealed lens, it’s ready to shoot in just about any conditions you might come up with. Manual control is, predictably enough, superb. A comprehensive wealth of dials, buttons and switches around the body grant not just direct control, but custom-making of how that control works across the body. Three years have passed since Canon released the 5D Mark III, but we see essentially the same body style used in the Canon 5DS-R. It’s large, bulky and heavy, sure to be reassuringly familiar to the pro photographer hands likely to get hold of this camera. However, given the quality and size of glass the Canon 5DS-R is likely to be paired with, it’s sensible Canon decided not to modernise the look or feel too much. Or at all, really.

Operation Of 5DS-R

AF performance is a lot stronger too. Canon claims it’s the best auto focus system on the market today, and it’s not blowing hot air either. The Canon 5DS-R has 61-point AF with 41 cross-type points and 5 double-cross-type points for added accuracy with fast lenses. Canon has clearly thought about what needs to go in this specific camera, considering its exact benefits over other cameras, the 5D Mark III in particular. And burst operation is one other area where the Canon 5DS- R does not really shine among some £3000-odd alternatives.


We can imagine the Canon 5DS-R will often be used on a tripod with manual focusing which offers a magnified view to judge focus but no focus peaking.