FitAir portable air purifier always delivers clean and fresh air around you

Posted on Nov 14 2018 - 7:11am by Chris Tomaino

Air purification tech is continuing to develop on an international basis as clients are looking for out approaches to handiest breathe the cleanest air viable, that is seeing new answers like the FitAir Wearable Air Purifier be designed.

The device works by being worn at the arm and going to work cleansing the air around you to put off viruses, bacteria, smoke, allergens, microbes and much extra. The device will easy 25 square feet of area and is integrated with a scientific-grade H13 HEPA filter out a good way to efficaciously seize a number of one-of-a-kind contaminants at all times throughout operation.

The FitAir Wearable Air purifier can also be placed in a room or workplace when you aren’t mobile to dispose of pollution on a continuous basis for every person within the area to understand.

FitAir Portable Air Purifier Design

tThat is a well-designed and realistic transportable air cleaner that measures 2.9 x 2.9 x 2.6 inches and weighs around 5.6 oz. As we will see from the images, the air purifier includes purifying units that may be mixed together or in my view located on a custom base. Using the lightweight and compact cylindrical design, you may effortlessly take it with you anywhere.


FitAir Portable Air Purifier Features

Each air purifying unit comes ready with a removable scientific grade true H13 HEPA clear out that effectively gets rid of microbes down to 0.3 mm and removes commonplace allergens, smoke, microbes, PM2.5 and pollutants for your non-public space. Moreover, its excessive porous inlets with 290 ports allow most air float of 130y L/min, imparting continuous cleaning of 25 square feet of of space surrounding you. Moreover, built-in Bluetooth tech allows it to wirelessly connect to your smartphone so you can without problems adjust it between three air flows level, take a look at the air repute round you and calculate the HEPA clear out existence. Further, its rechargeable battery offers up to six hours of continuous operation. The filter out commonly lasts 1-2 months in a polluted surroundings or 2-4 months in a much less polluted surroundings.

FitAir Portable Air Purifier Price

The FitAir portable air purifier is priced at $99.99 USD. If you are really interested in this new Air Purifier and want to grab it, then jump to the Amazon page for its more details.