Samsung UBD-K8500 Joins SUHD TV Lineup

Posted on May 31 2016 - 2:34pm by Chris Tomaino

Samsung recently revealed HDR-compatible UBD-K8500 Ultra HD Blu-ray player provides four times the resolution and 64-times high color expression than standard Blu-ray players. When paired with Samsung SUHD TV’s Quantum Dot Display, the UBD-K8500 provides a level of picture quality never before seen in the home. Its built-in upscaling technology increases the picture quality from standard Blu-ray discs and DVDs.

The UBD K8500 feartures HDR technology, twice the color range of existing Blu-ray players,which when paired with a compatible TV adjusts backlight brightness and local area dimming to produce much additional detail in especially bright and especially dark areas of every single frame in a piece of video and UHD upscaling for HD content, and even built-in 4K streaming from services such as Netflix, and can playback from DVD, CD, and standard Blu-ray formats.

The player itself has also just received Ultra HD Premium certification, means that it is fully able to precisely read every bit on a 100GB 4K Blu-ray disc and that it supports the new HDR format. Other Ultra HD TVs in Samsung’s 2016 television line-up, going on sale soon and being officially announced later this month, will also carry UHD Premium logos.

The player also supports 4K Netflix streams, as long as your home internet speeds easily top the 25Mbps download rate required. It is also read reports that Ultra HD Blu-ray discs on sale globally already are not region locked, but caveat emptor. And, of course, it is fully backwards compatible with regular Blu-rays, CDs and DVDs.