Samsung Initiates Huge Production Of Next-Gen LPP 14nm Chips

Posted on Jan 16 2016 - 5:34am by Chris Tomaino

Samsung reported that it has started the large scale manufacturing of chips using its 14nm Low-Power Plus (LPP) process hub. The LPP process hub is the second era 14nm FinFET process from Samsung, which acquires changes vitality capability and in addition usefulness. Samsung’s Exynos 7 Octa chip, which controls the Galaxy S6, was based on the 14nm Low-Power Early (LPE) process hub.

LPP 14nm Chips

The new process hub will be utilized to manufacture both Samsung’s own cutting edge chip, the Exynos 8 Octa, and additionally Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820. The chips are relied upon to land in the first 50% of this current year. Samsung says that the new LPP process conveys up to 15% upgrades in rate and also up to 15% enhancements in force utilization contrasted with the LPE process.

Samsung’s new process is one of the best in the chip market, surpassed just by Intel’s own 14nm procedure. In any case, Intel has a little share of the cell phone and IoT (Internet of Things) markets and it doesn’t let different chips producers utilize its fabs.

Along these lines, the most bleeding edge contributes the cell phone and IoT markets this year will utilize either Samsung’s LPP 14nm Chips process or TSMC’s 16FF+ procedure. Qualcomm ought to be the principle recipient of Samsung’s new process this year.

With another CPU center and a present day handle, the Snapdragon 820 will probably maintain a strategic distance from the overheating issues of its ancestor, the Snapdragon 810, despite the fact that it will in any case generally rely on upon whether Qualcomm will push the chip past its ideal execution levels or not. Samsung’s cutting edge chip will likewise utilize a custom CPU core and ought to profit by the same 14nm LPP corrections.