The Acer Air Monitor will be available in select regions in Q2

Posted on Aug 1 2017 - 5:58pm by Chris Tomaino

Considering the air pollution increasing day-by-day, Acer has launched an air purifier called Acer Air Monitor ahead of MWC. The Acer Air Monitor is a smart device that detects the air quality in real time and lets you monitor the air quality indicators via its companion phone app. This new monitor also comes along with IFTTT built-in to trigger actions based on the air quality inside your premises. Acer’s Air Monitor is slated to arrive in select markets in Quarter 2, while the prices haven’t been detailed by the company.

The Acer Air monitor having LED lights that indicate air quality. (Those lights will turn off when it’s dark in the room.) Acer says people spend 90 % of their time indoors, so it’s important to give them information on what they’re breathing. Normally I assume outdoor air is dirtier than indoor air, but perhaps both are equally bad. perhaps nowhere is safe, except for Caribbean islands?

Acer Air Monitor Design

The Acer Air Monitor is a square-shaped tool that’s designed to keep tabs on air first-rate instead of feature as an air cleanser. The layout is made to be both easy and smooth, in line with Acer, and it offers real-time tracking both visually through the LED light and on cellular devices the usage of an app.

Acer Air Monitor Features

The Air Monitor is capable of monitoring many aspects of air quality, including the temperature and humidity, as well as finer details like the PM10 and PM2.5, the level of carbon dioxide, and Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC). The smartphone app makes this information available on your phone or tablet as long as you have an Internet connection.

Acer Air Monitor Price

Acer’s Air Monitor will hit stores in selected countries in Q2. There’s no word yet on pricing or precisely which markets it will land in, but we’ll be sure to update this article with the information as soon as we sniff it out.