4 Reasons The iPhone 6s Is The Perfect Smartphone

Posted on Sep 24 2015 - 4:22am by admin

Soon the new iPhone will be on shelves across the country. Then, within minutes, they’ll probably all be off the shelves and in somebody’s pocket! The iPhone 6s is sure to sell out immediately; such is its popularity. But, could it be the perfect smartphone? I take a look at some reasons why it certainly could.

Apple logo blackPerfect Size

A lot of people have trouble choosing a new phone because they can’t decide on the right size. Some phones are too small; some are too big. With the new 6s, you get a phone that falls slap bang into the middle ground. It’s not overly big, but big enough to accommodate a large screen. Having a large screen is important because you can see things more clearly, and text will be bigger. The benefit of a big phone means you get a bigger battery, which leads to longer battery life. But the drawbacks are that it can be difficult to hold and not fit in your pocket. Well, the iPhone 6s fits perfectly into your pocket and is big enough to house a very decent sized battery. You could always go for the 6s Plus if you want something even bigger.

Amazing Camera

Early reports indicate that the iPhone 6s may just be in the running for best smartphone camera of the year. Up til now, the Samsung Galaxy S6 had been leading the way with its superb camera, but the 6s is said to have trumped it. Image quality is increased dramatically, and there are loads of cool new features too. The slow motion video recording has been improved, and you can now capture video in 4K. Everyone wants to have a good camera on their smartphone, as not all of us carry around a handheld camera everywhere we go. So, the better the camera, the better for us!

iOS 9

The iPhone 6s will come kitted out with Apple’s brand new operating system, iOS 9. This new OS is said to be leaps and bounds ahead of the previous one and will improve the device massively. While you can download it for other Apple phones, the 6s was built for iOS 9. Everything about the design of the phone was created with this operating system in mind. It’s said to improve usability and up the performance of the phone. If you want to learn more, then check out the article on icloud login detailing iOS 9’s best features. Every good smartphone needs a great operating system, and the iPhone 6s certainly has one!

Dynamic Design

One of the big standouts from the iPhone 6s is its design. There are a few subtle improvements to the iPhone 6s design, and it looks a lot better. It’s also a lot stronger than its predecessor, and there’s no worry of another #bendgate fiasco! To put it simply, if you want a stylish smartphone, you won’t get one better than the 6s. There’s a reason Apple devices are usually the best looking; it’s because they know how to create a modern style. The 6s is the latest in a long line of sleek smartphones and boy does it look good.