Aire Self-Flying Robotic Assistant Provides A More Flexible Way To Guard Your House

Posted on Nov 25 2017 - 1:39pm by Chris Tomaino

Thanks to smart audio system like Amazon Echo and Google home, it is now possible to control most aspects of your property (consisting of lighting fixtures, audio, television or even online shopping) with out lifting a finger.

But for drone start-up Aevena, the destiny of private robotic assistants isn’t always coming speedy sufficient. Available for backing on Kickstarter, the corporation’s flagship Aire drone boasts a pretty stunning set of features.

Aire Self-Flying Robotic Assistant Design

The Aire is an modern and superior flying cam drone designed to guard your private home. As we can see from the images, the flying robotic assistant suggests off a compact cylindrical shape issue, so that you can without problems install it everywhere in your home. In the meantime, all blades and moving components are enclosed in a gentle yet durable shell so that it will prevent it from hurting children, pets and furniture. Built-in 360-degree obstacle avoidance ensures it avoids bodily contact.

Aire Self-Flying Robotic Assistant

Aire Self-Flying Robotic Assistant Features

The robotic assistant acts as a flexible home security camera. whilst docked, it’s in watchdog mode. Its 360-degree flight sensors and microphones are used to hit upon movement and sound in each route. When detecting something out-of-the-ordinary, your Aire will ship notifications on your cellphone. Then you can launch the flying security digicam to investigate further. Using its custom app you can effortlessly control the drone.

Furthermore, the robot assistant permits you to make video chat along with your own family wherever you’re. Aire additionally supports Amazon Alexa, so that you can use voice to control the flying drone along with asking it for selfies or organization photos. In addition, the flying robot assistant also works with IFTTT, so that you can create extra interactions with the drone and other home smart gadgets. For instance, when Aire senses the room is darkish, then activate Philips Hue lights, or whilst detecting bizarre movement, then start recording video, and etc.

Aire Self-Flying Robotic Assistant Price

The team in the back of of Aire has effectively achieved the fund aim for the product via Kickstarter, but we are able to still preorder the self-flying drone by means of pledging $749 USD. It will be expected to be shipped in December this year.