Cubit Smart Tape Measure Let You Visualize Design Ideas On Your Smartphone

Posted on Oct 2 2017 - 5:21pm by Chris Tomaino

Redecorating and Renovating your home can be a worrying, irritating process, however technology is out to make it that little bit easier. Plott, a startup based in New Jersey, wants to make measuring and mapping a area a easier technique with its smart Cubit tape measure and associated app that allows modifications to be visualized earlier than a hammer is raised.

Cubit Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Tape Measure Deisgn

The Cubit is an progressive and superior smart tape measure that measures 3.875 x 1.5 x 3.625 inches and weighs .25 lbs. As we are able to see from the photos, the app-enabled measurement device seems like a normal tape degree, and the compact design permits you to effortlessly take it anywhere with you. Meanwhile, its clean contours and classic shade scheme show off an fashionable and minimum aesthetic fashion.


Cubit Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Tape Measure Features

The smart tape measure comes equipped with two laser distance measuring sensors, one for horizontal and every other for vertical. Every laser sensor has the ability to measure as much as 100 toes distance and features the accuracy of within 1/8 inch for each 30 ft measured.

Moreover, the smart tape measure additionally features a rolling rubber dimensional wheel sensor that’s designed to easily flow on any surface with a purpose to as it should be measure irregular shapes. The Cubit has an included LCD display that shows major size information, and integrated Bluetooth technology allows it to sync facts to its custom app to your cellphone, at the same time as its leveling sensor guarantees all preliminary measurements are accurate.

Furthermore, its custom app functions augmented reality tech that facilitates you arrange your furniture, decorations and layout your room readily. In addition, built-in rechargeable battery offers 3,000 measurements using laser among charges.

Cubit Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Tape Measure Price

The crowdfunding campaign for Cubit is ongoing on Indiegogo and has raised more or less $6,400 USD of its $30,000 USD aim. You may pledge $49.99 to preorder the smart tape measure. It’s miles expected to be shipped in November 2017.