Easily add an extra screen with the DUO Portable Dual Screen Laptop Monitor

Posted on Sep 18 2018 - 4:40pm by Chris Tomaino

Greater pixels are constantly higher than much less pixels, right? Meet DUO, a second display for your pc, by Mobile Pixels. Their Kickstarter marketing campaign is extremely sucessful, maybe because their product is extremely beneficial. let’s check it out!

DUO is designed to give any laptop a secondary display… and to make it feel find it irresistible’s in reality part of the computer and now not just some device plugged in and spark off to the aspect. It’s now not the prettiest answer. It’s now not dust cheap. And it’s not pretty available yet. However it looks like a promising idea for those who are seeking out an alternative to the 2008-era Lenovo ThinkPad W700ds (the last sincerely dual-display computer I could discover).


DUO Dual Screen Laptop Monitor Features

This specific laptop accessory offers you extra display space, which will increase your productiveness and makes it simpler to multi-venture so you are geared up to work wherever you are. like minded with any pc, the 12.5-inch DUO screen honestly attaches to the back of your laptop. Simply place the magnetic adhesives to your laptop and area DUO on them. Then plug in the USB and slide DUO’s screen out to start using it. similarly, you could slide DUO to either facet of your present screen. You could even rotate the monitor back for presentation mode. Weighing simply 1.5 kilos, the glossy and light-weight dual-screen pc screen is handy to carry around. Moreover, the DUO video driving force has an energy-star rating, lowering battery drain out of your laptop.

DUO Dual Screen Laptop Monitor Price

Pledges start from $169 or roughly £128 and worldwide shipping is expected to take place during January 2019. For full specifications and all available pledges jump over to the official DUO crowdfunding campaign page.