Healbe GoBe 2 Fitness Tracker Automatically Measures Your Calorie Intake

Posted on Jun 9 2017 - 5:24pm by Chris Tomaino

The world of smartwatch technology has now certainly taken a shift specially in terms of hardware. It’s no longer limited to just watches alone, as there are various kinds of tracking devices that are available in the market right now. Healbe like to stand out with the new GoBe 2 Smart Life Band. The company claims that this new fitness tracker is the first wearable which will be able to keep track your emotional state, hydration levels and calorie intake automatically. All of this in the name of achieving one’s general health goals as well as weight loss, that is something many of us have want.

Healbe GoBe 2 fitness tracker Design

The GoBe 2 is an powerful and advanced tracker that measures 18.5×35.2×57.4mm and weighs 45 grams. The smart tracker sports a elegant and low-profile design defined by its smooth contours and solid black exterior, and the texturized top delivers decent detailing that complements to the minimal design. Meanwhile, the adjustable wristband and matte finish are designed for a comfortable wearing experience.

Healbe GoBe 2

Healbe GoBe 2

Healbe GoBe 2 fitness tracker Features

GoBe 2 uses many different built-in sensors including temperature sensor, piezo sensor, galvanic skin response sensor, impedance sensor, 9-axis accelerometer, and magnetometer and gyroscope, so this smartwatch not only tracks your steps and distance, but even measures more health parameters.

Its built-in heart rate monitor tracks your heart rate and pulse. This device also used the data to accurately measure your sleep quality, stress level, and calorie burned.

Additionally, the fitness tracker wirelessly communicates with your smartphone using Bluetooth tech, and works with Apple Health, Google Fit, and mainstream health apps. Its rechargeable battery offers up to 2 days of average use.

Healbe GoBe 2 fitness tracker Price

The Healbe GoBe 2 fitness tracker has been available for preorder for $99 USD.