iPad Pro: Completely Amazing With The Familiarity Of Laptop

Posted on Nov 15 2015 - 2:11am by Brad Haddin

When you start using the iPad Pro the distinction appears with previous released products of Apple and even more when you match it with Apple Pencil. It has 12.9 inch Retina display which is by the way incredible and sharp, which gives an absolute pleasure and makes reading and watching videos.


The iPad Pro simply slots in and thanks to the new Smart Connector on the device, it pairs up without fooling around with Bluetooth settings and connections. The keys are nice and handy, with plenty of travel, and there is a complete number row and a really handy shortcut row something Apple’s version lacks. To be the real laptop replacement Tim Cook wants it to be, the iPad Pro needs to perform a very good writing experience and first feelings are good.

It is significantly bigger than the iPad Air, whose screen measures 9.7 inches on the diagonal. When you pick it up, it feels amazingly light. It is a few grams heavier than the original iPad, and that was no featherweight, but it is comfy when held in two hands. It is big, but it does not feel overpowering.

Apple says it is the most powerful iOS device yet, with a processor, the A9X, that outstrips even the latest iPhones and the optional keyboard accessory and you have a real laptop replacement. The multi tasking specialties being introduced to the iPad Air 2 with iOS 9 come to the fore even more with this big screen real estate. Split this screen in half to show two apps at the same instant and they are each nearly as big as the regular iPad screen.


The power of the iPad Pro is considerable and could give many a laptop a run for its money. By adding the keyboard in iPad Pro, you’ll have eventually laptop which will be sensible.