OJO Portable Nintendo Switch Projector Allows You To Play Your Favorite Video Games

Posted on Dec 14 2017 - 8:27am by Chris Tomaino

The Nintendo Switch is a completely unique handheld and as such, it became handiest natural for precise accessories to arrive to market for the console. Whilst there had been exclusive varieties of docks from several accessory manufacturers, this one by using YesOJO Studio has to take the cake.

The company has launched a campaign on Indiegogo for OJO, which is a Nintendo Switch dock with a built-in portable projector featuring speakers and a power bank. This will allow players to project their games onto a suitable surface like a wall while on the go while also keep things powered with its large 20,400mAh battery.

OJO Portable Nintendo Switch Projector Design

The OJO is an modern portable projector designed for Nintendo Switch. The compact projector measures 172 x 80 x 70mm, and as we will see from the photos, it indicates off a portable and occasional-profile look layout so you can effortlessly take it together with your switch Nintendo for a camping strip. Meanwhile, the strong black exterior is compliant to the fashion of your Switch


OJO Portable Nintendo Switch Projector Features

The Portable Nintendo Switch projector functions the latest DLP-primarily based DMD tech with a purpose to beam a incredible 30-120 inch show at 200 lumens. All you need to do is simply dock your turn on the OJO. Moreover, integrated 5W speaker offers decent audio overall performance for an immersive gaming experience.

Moreover, the portable projector additionally tasks any of your other gadgets through HDMI or Lightning cable, and it can connect to your cellphone or PC. similarly, the portable projector comes geared up with 20400mAh rechargeable battery that gives four hours of use, and it works as a portable power bank to rate your cell gadgets with two USB ports.

OJO Portable Nintendo Switch Projector Price

The group at the back of OJO has successfully accomplished the fund aim for the product via Indiegogo, however we will still preorder the Nintendo Switch projector through pledging $269 USD. It will likely be shipped in December 2017.