Pixel-Powered Daydream View Is Now Available For Pre-Order

Posted on Jan 5 2017 - 2:44pm by Chris Tomaino

Google recently announced that its forthcoming VR rig, the new Pixel-powered Daydream View is now available for pre-order for folks in the US, UK and Germany. It is set to ship in November this year. The Daydream will retail for $80 and can be ordered from Verizon or Google itself. This headset relies on the new Google Pixel phone to generate VR images so you are going to want to make sure you have one of those before plunking down your cash for this gadget.

Daydream Design:

The first thing Google emphasized about this Daydream View is comfort. Most Virtual Reality headsets are very obviously gadgets, made of plastic and rubber. People don’t typically wear gadgets, Google mused, they wear clothes, so the View was designed with clothing in mind. This headset is made of soft, lightweight fabric, though Google has not specified the materials used in the fabric. For the sake of the cleanliness, the face mask can also be removed and washed.



Daydream Features:

While some of the standout features of the Daydream will vary depending on the OEM you buy the headset from, and certain standard features apply across the board, especially on the software front. All the Daydream headsets will have Google’s new UI and it’ll be compatible with all the curated Daydream apps in the store. The differences will likely come down to control layout, additional sensors, build materials, and even slight field of view differences.

Required Hardware Google Pixel, Pixel XL, forthcoming Daydream-compatible phone
Sensor Accelerator, gyrometer, proximity
Physical UI Motion controller (included)
Connection Wireless connection
Color variants Slate, snow, and crimson

The company also announced that its Chromecast Ultra is also available for preorder. The 4K-capable streaming dongle retails for $70 at the Google Store. You can also pick one up from Wallmart, Best Buy, Target and Staples. It too is set to begin shipping next month.