Pokémon Go For Apple Watch Still On Track For A 2016 Launch

Posted on Dec 23 2016 - 3:06pm by Chris Tomaino

Back in September, Niantic and Apple announced that the popular game Pokémon Go was coming to the Apple Watch before the end of the year. Since then, however, no news has come concerning that release and now it appears that the plans have been scrapped altogether…

After rumors emerged claiming that Niantic had ceased development of Pokémon Go for Apple Watch, Pokémon Go has made its way to the Apple Watch, allowing trainers to receive notifications right on their wrists about nearby Pokémon, PokéStops, medals and eggs. Players are even able to collect goodies from PokéStops directly via the Apple Watch. The latest version of Pokémon Go also lets users log each gameplay session as a workout that counts toward their Apple Watch Activity rings, and displays the distance traveled toward hatching an egg and receiving Candy for Buddy Pokémon.

Pokémon Go app for Apple Watch

Pokémon Go

Apple showed off Pokemon Go on Apple Watch back in September when it launched its iPhone 7 series. Pokemon GO allows Apple Watch users to play the game right on the watch. Apple Watch will show you walking distance and time duration and calories burnt apart from pokémon nearby. Tap on the screen near a pokéstop and you get details and swipe in the watch itself to win rewards. You can also see the hatch of pokémon in the watch.

The Pokémon Go app for Apple Watch was widely believed to be a way for Niantic to continue tempting users to regularly play the game. While this game was initially a smash success, interest has waned over the recent months. Niantic also has been rolling out features such as a special one-day events and rewards for using the app daily as a way to drive users to the app.

Niantic also added new Pokémon from the Gold and Silver games to Pokémon Go, plus it threw in a Santa-hat-wearing Pikachu that’s only available to find and catch through December 29th.