Polar announced their latest wearable, the M430

Posted on Apr 18 2017 - 6:22pm by Chris Tomaino

The Finnish company Polar has launched their latest fitness wearable designed specifically for runners, the M430. Equipped with integrated GPS, a wrist-based heart rate monitor, and a personalised, adaptive training guidance. The Polar M430 replaces the company’s M400 running watch, which places it smack in-between the Polar M200 running watch and the Polar M600 smart watch.

The waterproof smartwatch includes built-in GPS, a 6-LED heart rate sensor and better indoor activity tracking. The new algorithms and accelerometer have also been tweaked for more accurate indoor sessions.

polar M430

Polar M430

Polar M430 Design

The general design of the Polar M430 is very similar to the Polar M400, it still has a monochrome display and the same unibody design, meaning that you can not swap out straps — but it weighs just 51g (1.8 ounces) compared with 56g ( 2ounces), for the M400. It also has a redesigned perforated strap, for breathability.—it is a bulky, rounded-square module with 5 physical buttons and a soft-touch silicone strap.

Polar M430 Features

Like a lot of new fitness smartwatches, the watch supports smartphone notification. By keeping track of your biometrics, it can also offer insight in real-time on how your body reacts to current exercise session.

With the M430 working alongside the Polar Flow app, you can have a clearer picture on how the workout session has benefited your overall training, in addition to getting a better idea of expected race finish times, and the amount of recovery time required.

Other key features are:

Vibration alerts for hitting goals
Sleep tracking
Running measurements
Recovery measurements
Pairs with the Polar Flow app for smart coaching
GPS enabled
Heart rate sensor
Move alert
Wireless sync
Smart notifications
Silent alarms

The Polar M430’s array of GPS power modes enables its battery life to hit close to 30 hrs. And it plays nice with the Polar Balance for the further holistic weight mgt tracking and guidance.

Polar M430 Price

The Polar M430 will be available in three colours – dark grey, white and orange – and ships in May for $230. Pre-orders will be open soon.