Samsung DeX Pad Desktop Experience Dock allows you to enjoy various apps

Posted on Feb 15 2019 - 3:11pm by Chris Tomaino

While it launched last year, Samsung’s first DeX dock became the today’s in an extended line of attempts to blur the line among phones and conventional desktops. And you understand what? It worked fantastically properly, even though the cost for the general public wasn’t mainly clear. That didn’t stop Samsung from attempting once more, even though: the organisation unveiled a new edition of its DeX hardware alongside the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, and it’s plenty one-of-a-kind from the dock we got last year.

Samsung DeX Pad Desktop Experience Dock Design

The DeX Pad computing device boasts a graceful layout that sees your smartphone laying on top, plugged right into a USB Type-C port and cradled by using a specifically crafted padding it truly is made to maintain up a well matched tool. The fan sits under, and is aimed right at wherein maximum of the phone’s heat ought to focus. The 2 facets of the DeX Pad computing device are bare, as is the the front. The back of the tool, meanwhile, has two massive USB-A ports, in conjunction with an HDMI port. This is additionally wherein the USB kind-C port for the DeX Pad desktop is placed, and plugging a right Samsung charger into it’s going to allow you to rapid charge your phone at the same time as it serves as a computer.

Samsung DeX Pad Desktop Experience Dock Features

This accessory’s place within the DeX lineup is as a definitive replacement for the primary-era DeX Dock that shipped with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9. whilst it provides a top class and feature-packed experience, it’s miles, for now, only like minded with absolutely the trendy Samsung phones. The authentic DeX Dock is well matched with the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus, though it is no longer quite as full-featured as this one. A computer dock is a logical next step, however in the meanwhile, one has no longer been introduced, so community efforts and common answers will need to fill in that precise gap.

Samsung DeX Pad Desktop Experience Dock Price

Samsung has surprised us a little with the pricing for the Dex Pad. We assumed the accessory would cost the same as last year’s $150 Dex Station, but the Dex Pad will launch at the cool price of $100.