Samsung launched Gear S2 Band Adapter

Posted on May 13 2016 - 7:00pm by Chris Tomaino

Samsung now officially launched the Gear S2 Band Adapter, built to let owners of the device swap styles seamlessly.  this allows you to customize the appearance of your Gear S2 even more: the Gear S2 Band Adapter. The Gear S2 is now compatible with standard 20 mm watch straps, that including the Gear S2 classic strap, greatly expanding the options users have for personalizing their wearable.

This is now Available in both silver as well as dark gray color, the lightweight stainless steel adapters are durable and strong, fitting seamlessly onto the Gear S2, giving the device a wider range of looks, including metal, leather and ceramic.


Samsung’s Gear S2 and Gear S2 classic smartwatches have gained popularity for their combination of rotating bezel interface, cutting-edge functionality and wide range of customizable design. The Gear S2 runs on Samsung’s own OS called Tizen and currently works with a few Android and Samsung devices. Word has it, however, that it may replace down the line with the purported upcoming release of an iOS app.

Should the Gear S2 take your fancy, it’s available to purchase most places around the globe, and is also available as a standalone watch in its 3G variant on AT&T here in the States. as for the different styles and colors, Samsung has a lot of them to choose from, and as the Gear S2 is a little cheaper than the Gear S2 Classic, the promise of this new band adapter might enable people to save a little money now, to gain an extra feature later on down the line.