Posted on Mar 12 2017 - 6:06am by Brad Haddin

Alongside announcements for its Galaxy Tab S3 and Galaxy Book tablets that come with the most advanced S Pen Samsung‘s ever made, the company surprised everyone with a special edition Staedtler-branded S Pen that resembles the iconic black and yellow pencil.

Galaxy Book tablets

This is in addition to Samsung’s take on the Windows Ink Workspace, that provides access to written notes, sketching and annotationon a blank page or a screen capture and even animated GIF creation.

The new stylus is just like German pencil maker Staedtler’s Noris stylud, except it will most likely do everything Samsung’s pen can. that includes detecting up to 4,096 levels of the pressure sensitivity, and working along with the new slates to write and store memos even when the screen is off, as well as outline screenshots or annotate PDF documents.

There’s just one thing that disappoints about the Staedtler S Pen: It’s missing the regular S Pen’s button. Without it, there is no way to use the useful “Screen-off memo” feature on the Galaxy Tab S3 that lets you write on the screen without needing to turn the entire tablet on.

Samsung didnot have much more to say about it during its Mobile World Congress event — it felt more like a fun teaser than a real product announcement — but all the excitement surround the Nokia 3310 relaunch already attests to the appeal of a modern gadget styled to look exactly like the more primitive stuff we used to use as kids growing up.

Neither Staedtler nor Samsung are talking pricing or release yet, but fingers crossed it won’t cost $99 like the Apple Pencil.