The Pomera Pocket Typewriter with E Ink comes with a 6-inch

Posted on Aug 3 2018 - 10:58am by Chris Tomaino

A very niche, very japanese word processor is heading to US shores within the shape of Pomera, a pocket-sized, E Ink typewriter. The device, made by using japanese company King Jim, is presently searching for investment on Kickstarter. It is essentially a handy new way to take notes. King Jim prefers the term ‘digital memos’, however you get the factor.

Pomera is available in a compact, foldable design, and at once switches on while you unfold it. Connected to the tri-fold keyboard is a 6-inch electronic paper show which forgoes a backlight to lessen eye pressure. For comfort-orientated typists, the Pomera gives generously sized keys and routinely extending feet. That sounds ideal in case you want to work for several hours at a time, but what about preferred operation? properly, the Pomera runs on two AA alkaline (or eneloop) batteries and could last you about 20 hours. It’s a whole lot higher than the common laptop. If the Pomera became a laptop, it’d be a bantamweight — it weighs simply 450 grams minus batteries.

Pomera Pocket Typewriter Design

When absolutely closed, it sits at simplest 156 x 126 x 33 mm, or approximately 6” x 5” x 1.3” – small enough to healthy in maximum wallet. Plus, it simplest weighs one pound. While you pull up the display screen, the Pomera routinely activates, and the keyboard’s ft automatically extend outward into a equipped-to-kind position.

It doesn’t have any touchscreen or trackpad functionality, so you’ll exclusively navigate through your documents through the keyboard.


Pomera Pocket Typewriter Features

It comes with a tri-fold keyboard much like that of the Jorno. The DM30 helps multiple font sizes and line spacing alternatives. It is also an outlining mode and a grid for tabular data that seems like a spreadsheet however can’t carry out calculations. It is able to switch text to a laptop through USB or SD and might take benefit of wireless-enabled SD cards such as the Toshiba FlashAir. The DM30 also can switch text via a specialized QR code that is read with the help of a companion cellphone app.

Pomera Pocket Typewriter Price

King Jim will ship out the Pomera to US backers in November 2018. Early bird backers right now can buy the typewriter for $349, but later backers will pay $449, and it will eventually retail in stores for $550. The company is seeking a goal of $90,676.