The PowerEgg Is The Latest Autonomous Flyer From Beijing-Based PowerVision

Posted on Oct 26 2016 - 3:44pm by Chris Tomaino

Powervision announced the new PowerEgg drone, an egg-shaped unmanned aerial vehicle that is easy to fly and highly portable due to its unique design, along with some innovative features. It is the first consumer drone from the Chinese robotics company PowerVision to hit the US market.

PowerEgg Design:

Powervision chose an oval shape for its PowerEgg drone both for functional and aesthetic reasons. ‘We think the oval shape is not only clean and pure but also has structural and functional benefits. This new simple yet vital design means that this is more than a flying robot but a work of art,’ said Powervision CEO Wally Zheng.



The idea is to allow one-handed control to position the drone, allowing up, down, left, right and near, far movements. This PowerEgg has an optical positioning system allowing for indoor flight, using ultrasonic sensors to detect the ground.

PowerEgg Features:

In terms of flight capability, the PowerEgg is a very capable aircraft. It can fly as fast as 29mph and can operate at up to 13,123 feet above sea level—the FAA restricts drone flight to 400 feet above the ground level—and it can fly for up to 23 min before the battery needs to be recharged.

The PowerEgg is capable of flying both indoors and out. When flying outside, the UAV’s onboard GPS keeps track of where it is relative to the operator. When inside, the Power Egg switches over to sonar and ground pattern recognition to understand its orientation.

There’s a stabilised 4K camera included, on a 3-axis gimbal, allowing photo and video, with support for the live video streaming up to 5km.

There are also a range of flight modes to aid capture of the photos and video you want. So you can have the drone follow you, take selfies, orbit and so on.