VoiceMojo wearable voice assistant lets you effortlessly access to Siri, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistance

Posted on Oct 12 2018 - 12:57pm by Chris Tomaino

Voice assistant tech is being incorporated into a large number of various gadgets to add stronger comfort for customers, so the ‘VoiceMojo’ wearable has been created to help offer even greater access.

Compatible for use with the principal voice assistants on the market (Siri, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant), the wearable features a push-to-communicate capability that shall we customers seamlessly communicate their commands whenever they preference. This permits customers to invite questions, carry out a wide array of tasks and stay linked without having to attain for his or her cellphone on every occasion they want to get access to their smart assistant.

The ‘VoiceMojo’ wearable sports a compact body that may be carried for your keychain or connected to a necklace to keep it inside fingers attain at all times.

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VoiceMojo Wearable Voice Assistant Design

The VoiceMojo is a versatile, wearable voice assistant that measures 78 x 25 x 11mm and weighs simplest 37 grams. As we will see from the images, the wearable shows off a low-profile and glossy appearance layout. With its compact light-weight layout, you can without problems slide it into your pocket, handbag or bag, and the wearable layout also permits you to clip it for your clothing or put it round your neck for easy get entry to.

VoiceMojo Wearable Voice Assistant Features

The use of built-in Bluetooth tech, the wearable voice assistant wirelessly connects together with your smartphone or smart home speaker so you can more without difficulty get entry to the voice assistant from the related phone or smart home gadget, and it really works with Siri, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Moreover, its dual microphone design ensures it may in reality acquire your voice, and the master microphone can seize 360-degree sound, which is good for the recording of multiple sound sources together with meetings, whilst the unidirectional microphone has been optimized for voice reputation outcomes. moreover, integrated speaker helps you to experience big sound inside the compact device. The VoiceMojo supports voice translation. It’s able to car-apprehend your authentic language and translate it into greater than 32 different languages. Its AI algorithm based totally speech workflow software allows it supply correct translation.

The VoiceMojo works as a Bluetooth audio receiver that turns your wired headphones into a pair of Bluetooth headphones. Its built-in rechargeable battery offers about 5 hours of talk time or 7 hours of playtime between charges.

VoiceMojo Wearable Voice Assistant Price

The team behind VoiceMojo is raising fund for the product on Kickstarter. We can pledge $172 to preorder the wearable voice assistant. It will be shipped in December 2018.