WANDRD PRVKE 21 Is A Stylish & Functional Bag

Posted on Nov 8 2016 - 2:22pm by Chris Tomaino

WANDRD has recently launched a Kickstarter to create a bag that wants to be the go to bag for all travel photographers. The new PRVKE 21 seeks to be a smaller version of the original successful Kickstarter project, The PRVKE. The innovative features that are built into the bag seem to put it ahead of other photography bags in terms of ease of use.

WANDRD PRVKE 21 Features:

One of the key features of this new bag is a roll down top. Which allows you to expand the top compartment to hold as much, as little, as you need for a given day and trip. This is incredibly valuable for someone looking for one bag that they can use for various purposes.

The Prvke 21 meaures 17 × 11 × 6.5 inches and weighs three pounds (when empty). And its main compartment has a 21-lit volume (expandable to 25). In comparison, the standard Prvke weighs five pounds and has a cargo hold of 32 lit.



The Prvke 21’s removable camera cube (where you put your gear) makes the most of the interior. It’s designed to hold a mirrorless and up to four lenses, or a large, full-frame camera body (like a Nikon D750 or Canon 5D) and a couple of lenses. One nice touch is the inclusion of a strap system that can be fitted inside the main compartment. To enable for hands-free access to gear, as well as a “workstation” setup for changing lenses. There is also an integrated camera sling to take it off your neck while keeping the camera at the ready.


The PRVKE 21 will be available for early bird Kickstarter price of $150. And is expected to be available for the Kickstarter backers as early as Christmas of 2016. With the availability to non-Kickstarter orders expected to begin sometime in March of 2017.