Xiaomi Released An Alarm Clock Dubbed The Mi Alarm Clock

Posted on Mar 1 2017 - 1:59pm by Chris Tomaino

Xiaomi has just introduced Mi Music Alarm Clock in China that shows time using LED lights embedded behind the speaker grill. It’s a smart clock that connects to Android devices using Bluetooth 4.1. It can play music in morning to wake you up and aids better sleep in the night by playing suitable music.

The reason given by Xiaomi for an alarm clock is that waking up the right way plays important role in one’s mood for the rest of the day. Traditional alarms are very noisy and leave the owner startled, and causing them to be grumpy. But Xiaomi says that it’s Mi Alarm Clock is designed to gradually wake the person from deep sleep using soft tunes.

xiaomi Mi Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker

Xiaomi Mi Music Alarm Clock

Xiaomi Mi Music Alarm Clock Design:

It has plastic body, a fabric covered speaker and digital LED lights and dots to display the time. For hours, it also has 12 digital LED lights and for minutes, it has 12 LED dots. There’s large button on top of course to shut off the alarm clock and more buttons for settings and adjusting the volume.

To set up alarm just download the Mi App onto your smartphone and set the preferred time and alarm tune of your choice. The clock also comes with Sleeping aid which helps users to go into deep sleep easily by playing music.

Xiaomi Mi Music Alarm Clock Features:

Xiaomi’s alarm clock features a 5 watt speaker, a 2,600 mAh battery good for up to 10h of audio playback when the clock is unplugged, and Bluetooth 4.1 support, allowing you to use the clock as a Bluetooth speaker for your phone or other gadgets.

This new Mi Music Alarm clock comes with audio features like Dynamic Loudness Control, Virtual Dual Tone Road, and Dynamic Range Control as well as Low distortion circuit. The Dynamic Loudness Control feature just tweaks the audio as per the subjective quality by conforming to a loud whisper just to ensure better sound. The Virtual Dual Tone feature is works with the signal being divided into low and high frequency which enables two-way independent control and also fits different equalizers. The Dynamic Range Control gives freedom to switch between high and low range and also adjust the bass level. The Xiaomi Mi Music Alarm clock also comes with a low distortion circuit which consumes low power supply which further allows the alarm clock reduce distortion at high volume. According to company, with its audio features, this new Mi Music Alarm Clock will help you in sleeping and waking up.

Xiaomi Mi Music Alarm Clock Price:

The new Xiaomi Mi Music Alarm Clock is priced at 199 yuan and is currently on sale in China.