ASUS ROG Swift PG248Q Monitor For eSports Fans

Posted on Jul 13 2016 - 5:05pm by Chris Tomaino

ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) officially announced the release of the ROG Swift PG248Q monitor, a fast and glorious super-narrow-bezel gaming display. Some gamers do not like large screens, whether they want to minimise eye movement across a screen or simply make their PCs more portable for Lan events.Rog swift PG248G

ASUS new ROG Swift PG248Q G-Sync Monitor offers a refresh rate of 180Hz, making this one of the quickest displays on the market. This monitor will use a 24 inch TN display, offering gamers the quickest response times and allowing esports gamers to easily keep their entire monitor on their field of view at all times.

The new ROG Swift PG248Q not only packs in G-Sync for tear-free gaming and overclocks to 180Hz, but it also sports an amazingly 1ms response time, offering up some of the smoothest and responsive 1080p gaming around.

The company also claims that the monitor was designed specifically for gamers that prefer smaller display in order to avoid having to move their head across the display to locate targets.

Its 1ms grey-to-grey response time help eliminate screen tearing and choppy frame rates for seamless visuals and smooth gameplay that enabling gamers to react instantly to what they see on screen. Swift PG248Q also boasts ASUS-exclusive GamePlus including crosshair, FPS counter, timer, Display Alignment and GameVisual technologies for six preset display modes. With a super-narrow-bezel design that is brilliant for surround-display setups, Swift PG248Q is made for frantic-action gaming — and it is perfect for eSports fans.

The release date and pricing of this monitor has not been confirmed by ASUS at this time.