ASUS ROG Unveiling A New Line-Up Of Elite Gaming Gear

Posted on Jul 11 2016 - 6:50pm by Chris Tomaino

ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) Unveiled Eight ROG products at Computex 2016. Released for the first time was ROG Avalon, a proof-of- concept build that visualize the future of gaming PCs beyond the standard form-factors. Product reveals included Rampage V Edition 10, ROG G31 Edition 10, ROG Swift PG248Q, ROG GX800, ROG Centurion, ROG XG Station 2 and ROG Strix GeForce GTX 1080.

The ROG Avalon is being called a modular PC, but that description is a bit misleading. It is actually far less modular than construct your own PC part by part because the mainboard is proprietary — it comes as part of the Avalon chassis.

The idea behind the Avalon is simple. Instead of having to worry about how to squeeze your massive Nvidia GTX 1080 into the limited space in chassis, by making the board part of the chassis, the Asus ROG Avalon lets you better manage the space by keeping a lot neater.

The rear of the chassis features standard I/O connectors that you would find in a standard Z170-series motherboard, including display and USB connectors. Avalon is made in collaboration with In Win, that has a history of designing quirky PC enclosures.

Asus rog Avalon

The Avalon does away with this by optimizing the layout with a plug-and-play style and doing away along with cabling. Components are also easily accessible and slotted in instead of being buried behind the other components like in a normal PC build.

With the Avalon being a proof-of-concept still at the moment, do not expect pricing or shipping. If Asus does see demand though, we could probably see the Avalon hitting stores in the near future, while hopefully with a newer chipset.