Common Problems You Might Have with Your Mac

Posted on Sep 26 2015 - 9:28am by admin

Macs are known for being quite secure, but there are some common problems with them you might face. Here are some of the most common of the lot and how you can deal with them.


Failure to Charge

When you plug in your Mac to charge it, and nothing happens, it can be pretty frustrating. The first thing that Apple recommends doing is removing the battery and putting it back in to reset it. If that fails, you’ll have to reset the system management controller (SMC). To do this, shut it down, connect a MagSafe power adapter and hold control, shift, option and the power button for a few seconds.

When that’s done, hold down the power button until it comes back on. Hopefully, it will then start charging. If that doesn’t work either, then you should take your battery to be replaced because it’s probably not going to start working again.

Corrupted App

If you find that an application on your Mac suddenly stops working, it’s probably because the preferences are corrupted. The configuration data of an app is contained in its preference files. Because this data is used so often, it’s not surprising that it can become corrupted over time.

When it starts to crash, the first thing to do is reset its preferences. The operating system might prompt you to do this. If it doesn’t, you can do it manually. Preference files will have the extension .plist, and they can be found in the preferences folder. If you move all the app’s preference files to a new folder, it will force the preferences to reset.

Cracked Screen

One of the most common problems people have with their Mac is a cracked screen. This happens when the computer is dropped. As long as you’re careful with your Mac, there shouldn’t be a problem. But accidents do happen, and, unfortunately, the Mac screen is not very resilient when dropped.

The LCD screen will simply have to be replaced once it’s been cracked. There’s nothing more you can do to help it. Fixing your Mac yourself simply isn’t possible when it has a cracked screen, so take it to someone who knows exactly what they’re doing. If the screen isn’t cracked but just a bit blurry, try tweaking the resolution of the monitor.

Audio Problems

There are two audio problems that you can face as a Mac owner. Firstly, the audio might stop producing sound. Secondly, it might stop receiving audio. This means it’s a basic input problem or a basic output problem. Or maybe both if you’re particularly unlucky. You should go to system preferences and click the sound pane.

Go to the sound effects and the choose the input and output tabs. You should check the volume levels and see what changes when you insert headphones or a microphone. If nothing lights up on the screen when you insert them, you should try different headphones to see if the problem is with your headphones. If that isn’t the problem, you should take the Mac to a repair shop.