Cooler Master GXII 750W

Posted on Jun 2 2015 - 4:28am by Chris Tomaino

Cooler Master is proud to announce the 2nd generation of its incredibly popular Game Xtreme P.S.U series. Apart from some tweaks and refinements the upgraded GXII units use the same color coding for wattages and powerful single rail platform.



Now it’ll come with silent H.D.B fans and Nonstop USB power – a new feature that enables your PC to charge phones and tablets nonstop – even when the PC is turned off!

Power Supply Units, or P.S.U’s for short, is the heart of our personal computers. Its main objective is to convert AC to DC voltage, and then supply the converted power through various hardwares found inside a desktop PC. With that said, it’s just important for any system to feature a true rated P.S.U, versus an El-Cheapo one. First off, true rated/branded P.S.U’s are “rated” to supply an “X” amount of power, while El-Cheapo P.S.U’s are rated by its manufacturer alone, and their capacity to work is far below from what the manufacturer has labelled. This means that the true rated ones have the upper hand when it comes to stability, and reliability, since they used good quality components to achieve their rated capacity. Cooler Master is a well known player in the computing industry, mainly for their coolers, cases, peripherals, and you guessed that right, P.S.U’s. The good company has sent us Two of their Power Supply Units for scrutiny; the GXII 750-W, and the V550S Semi-Modular P.S.U. The said P.S.U’s are true rated, features “80 Plus” Efficiency Certifications, along with the necessary regulatory, and protection certifications.


First off, the GX-II 750-W features a boxy packaging with a bold marketing. Up front, we’ve got the GX-II Series’ logo, with the P.S.U’s rating and some notable features. That 5 year warranty sure is tasty.

The GX-II 750-W looks like your typical branded P.S.U. It features fully sleeved cables, a black metal housing, and it’s damn heavy for a 5 inch. One of the indications of a good quality P.S.U. This side also features the P.S.U’s wattage table. Nothing to dislike.