GTX 970 Unveiled By Gigabyte With Twin Turbo 4 GB

Posted on Aug 2 2015 - 7:45am by Brad Haddin

Gigabyte has launched the GeForce GTX 970 Twin Turbo 4 GB, which features a redesigned blower style cooling system that includes Gigabyte’s Twin Turbo fans. The exclusive design pulls air in from both sides of the fan and forces it across the GPU and out the back of the case. It has been nearly a year since Nvidia first debuted the GeForce GTX 970, but that did not stop Gigabyte from releasing an all new version of the popular GPU.


The GeForce GTX 970 Twin Turbo comes overclocked from the factory, and it includes two different BIOS settings. Gaming Mode comes clocked at 1076 MHz with a boost clock of 1216 MHz. OC Mode has a more aggressive base clock of 1101 MHz, along with a higher boost of 1241 MHz. The 4 GB of memory has been left at the 7010 MHz reference speed. Solid capacitors, a metal choke, and tier one memory are all part of the Ultra Durable design. Gigabyte claimed these features result in better overclocking capability and improved power efficiency. Gigabyte’s GTX 970 Twin Turbo has been designed with the company’s Ultra Durable VGA technology. Gigabyte said Ultra Durable VGA helps lower the GPU and memory temperature by using twice the amount of copper that a traditional PCB design includes.

Dual and triple-fan solutions vent air back into the case and can become starved for fresh air in SLI configurations. Blower fans typically work much better in multi graphics card configurations, and a pass-through fan could be very beneficial if it works as Gigabyte claims. Gigabyte said that this approach provides 24 percent more air flow and a 29 percent improvement in cooling performance compared to Nvidia’s reference blower design. The Twin-Turbo design increases air flow by 24% and provides 29% cooler performance than the reference design.

It isn’t clear when the GeForce GTX 970 Twin Turbo 4 GB will be available, nor do we know the price, but it is expected on store shelves soon.