Microsoft Is Finalizing Its Feature Set For The Upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update

Posted on Feb 4 2017 - 11:57am by Chris Tomaino

With the release of Windows 10 build 15002 earlier this month, Microsoft just showed off some new features coming to its Edge browser in the Windows 10 Creators Update to improve tab management. Now, the company has announced a few more of the improvements that will be coming soon. Like most of the overall Creators Update changes, there are not any major additions to Microsoft Edge, but all small tweaks add up.

Better Tab Management in Microsoft Edge

In the Creators Update, Microsoft Edge picks up a ton of new tab management features that the firm says are aimed at addressing ‘the chaos and clutter of the web and the fear of losing tabs.’

The idea here is clear enough: With Windows 10 users spending over 50 percent of their time browsing the web, and navigating among your open tabs can quickly become an arduous task.


Windows 10 Creators Update

More Edge Improvements Coming

Microsoft has long innovated in bringing low-level OS capabilities like hardware rendering to its web browser,s. And Edge isn’t different: In the Creators Update, it’ll pick up a number of new experiences. These are include:

3D capabilities will be improving over time as Edge will support WebVR so users can experience virtual reality via the web using VR devices such as Samsung Gear VR or Microsoft’s HoloLens. This will also work with the other Windows Mixed Reality hardware yet to come.

eBooks. Microsoft Edge will add support for the EPUB e-book format and for the new e-book store experience in the Windows Store. The feature also integrates with Cortana, and provides the spoken-word reading of e-books.

Online shopping will become easier with newly added support for the Payment Request API. This provides integration with the Microsoft Wallet and other payment methods you’ve configured. DeBruyne explains: ‘On participating web sites, users will have the opt to checkout quickly using their payment information stored securely in Microsoft Wallet so they don’t have to navigate through traditional checkout flows and repeatedly enter the same payment and shipping address information.’

Extension improvements. Edge picked up support for browser extensions last year. With Creators Update, this functionality will be expanded to include more APIs and thus more capabilities, including the access to Favorites, and roaming data between PCs, and the ability to securely communicate with other installed applications.