Movavi Screen Capture Review

Posted on Sep 14 2015 - 6:11am by admin

Making a video out of footage that you captured directly from your screen requires one thing: Screen capture software. Essentially, screen capture software is any and all software that is capable of recording what’s taking place on your screen, but as you’ll soon realize not all screen recorders are equal.

Movavi Screen Capture ReviewThe Movavi Screen Capture in particular stands out. Being a screen capture software, it will allow you to record your screen, but what makes it unique is the manner in which it allows you to do so, along with the bells and whistles that it has in the form of powerful features.

Among these, the most appealing of its features are its:

  • Intuitive and accessible user interface

Assuming you’ve never utilized a screen recorder in the past, this is definitely going to be a big plus point. It is engineered so that you can easily find the options that you need, and most are located just a click or two away. For complete beginners, this makes it easy to figure out – and for more experienced users it means that you’ll be able to get the job done that much faster.

  • Keyboard and mouse action capture

For some of the videos that you capture, you may want the viewer to be able to see where your mouse pointer is, or what keys are being pressed on your keyboard. The Movavi Screen Capture will help you to record this, by highlighting the cursor and showing keyboard actions.

  • Customizable audio sources

In most situations you’ll probably want to capture the system audio (i.e. what is being played on your PC), but from time to time you may want to capture a voiceover from a microphone, or even sound from a digital instrument. All that you need to do is select where you want to record your audio from – and you’re all set.

  • Optimized presets to save video files

With numerous presets designed to cater to multiple different platforms and devices, you’ll be able to save your video in the optimal format based on your needs and requirements.

As you can see, the Movavi Screen Capture is a screen recorder that is not only easy to use but has all the features necessary to create the video that you need with minimal hassle. Go ahead and check it out – it may even surprise you to see just how simple it is to use