MSI B150M MORTAR ARCTIC M-ATX GAMING Motherboard Announced

Posted on Aug 4 2016 - 4:07pm by Chris Tomaino

MSI, world leader in gaming hardware design, is thrilled to announce two new M-ATX GAMING motherboards, the B150M MORTAR ARCTIC & B150M BAZOOKA PLUS. With Turbo M.2 (32 Gb/s, Gen3 x4) and USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-C offering more connectivity opt and a plethora of features improving your game experience, these new Micro-ATX motherboards are designed for gamers looking for a small gaming PC while getting best performance & gaming experience. DDR4 Boost technology is available, providing maximum performance and stability while also enabling improved memory compatibility. Audio Boost and GAMING LAN ensure you have the upper hand on your enemies on the battlefield, ready to finish on top.

MSI B150M Morter Arctic

The B150M MORTAR ARCTIC is not only a better version of the regular MORTAR model, the special edition comes in a full white PCB design and features a amazing Arctic camouflage styled heatsink and IO cover design. With great attention to detail, the B150M MORTAR ARCTIC not only delivers in terms of features & specs, but manages to bring something truly unique to the B150 motherboard segment. Featuring a new design along with a stronger heatsink, more black & white colors, and upgraded specs such as Steel Armor, Turbo M.2 and USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-C.

Compared to the B150M Mortar, the most obvious change in the Arctic version is that it’s uses a white PCB and slightly altered heatsinks. The board also has a USB 3.1 Gen 1 (5 Gbps) Type-C port, which the B150 Mortar lacked.

Compared to the B150M Mortar, the B150M Mortar Arctic also loses the VGA port, a PCI-E x1 slot, two SATA-III (aix Gbps) ports and a SATA controller, as well.
Realistically, these changes may not matter for many users, as it’s common to have extra PCI-E ports and onboard VGA ports, and audio codecs often go unused in favor of alternative solutions such as HDMI. And still, users should be aware of these changes before choosing between the two boards.