Purism Librem 13 – Pure Freedom

Posted on Dec 20 2015 - 6:09am by Brad Haddin

Purism’s Librem 13 portable PC with Qubes OS came to its financing objective on Crowd Supply. A comparative 15″ note pad from Purism, the Librem 15, has additionally figured out how to achieve its subsidizing objective, and both note pads ought to now be moving into the following phase of improvement. A key component of these scratch pad is the Qubes OS working framework, which endeavors to ensure your PC and individual data by compartmentalizing the framework with “light” virtual machines.

Purism Librem 13

We examined this part of the framework in subtle element when Purism started its crowdfunding effort not long ago. The Purism Librem 13 is the 13.3-inch demonstrate and accompanies a 1080p presentation, portable Intel Core i5, Intel HD Graphics 5500, 4 GB of memory and a 500 GB HDD. The framework additionally has a 48 Wh battery, which Purism guaranteed can last up to 8 hours. The Librem 15 is a higher-end framework with a 15.6-inch 4K show.

The framework has a speedier Broadwell i7-5557U CPU timed at 3 GHz and an all the more effective Iris Pro Graphics 6100 iGPU. Whatever is left of the framework specs are like the Librem 15, with 4 GB of memory and a 500 GB HDD. A 48W battery is utilized on this framework also, yet Purism guaranteed it will last just up to 6 hours, as noted to TechHook.

Both frameworks likewise incorporate a few exceptional off buttons to stop different parts of the framework that could be utilized to gather data on whoever is utilizing it.┬áPurism expressed that, “The Librem portable workstation phone protection ‘off buttons’ to physically stop the camera, mouthpiece and information association, preventing information criminals, spies, digital stalkers and programmers.”

These off buttons can alternatively be evacuated, which will lessen the framework cost by $89, yet as both of these frameworks exist essentially to give you incredible control over your framework security, we envision the vast majority would keep them.

Despite the fact that Qubes OS is one of the essential components of the framework, you can alternatively arrange either scratch pad with Pure OS or with no OS introduced by any stretch of the imagination.

The frameworks that accompany Pure OS likewise incorporate a few different projects from Purism, including Purism’s office suite and PureBrowser. Many other good projects are additionally accessible for download.

Both frameworks are accessible now for pre-request, however a careful discharge date has not been set. Purism said that that if these journals are effective, the organization will start taking a shot at extra activities, for example, a Librem tablet and telephone.