Some Important free SEO Tools

Posted on Jun 18 2015 - 3:01am by admin

Many people don’t realise that there are many free tools at your disposal for getting your website higher in search engine ratings. These can make a huge difference to the traffic coming through your site and in turn, your sales, so they are well worth taking into consideration.

SEO Tools

There are many free tools you can use which will bring your website extra traffic, better rankings, and ultimately sales. Getting to grips with Search Engine Optimisation is a must these days since so many customers these days go online as their first port of call for products they need. No matter what industry you are in, having an online presence has become a must these days, and getting to grips with digital marketing is something you need to do.

Google Analytics is a tool which any good SEO company will use. Since the lion’s share of internet users use Google to conduct their searches, it is not one to be ignored. With Google Analytics you can get brilliant data and analysis so you can see where you need to target your campaign and what needs improving on. This gives you actionable data about who is visiting your site and the trends in your traffic so it is central to many companies’ campaigns.

Google also has Webmaster Tools which is great for online marketing. This gives you insights on an easy to read and understand dashboard. You can also get link data on this dashboard so that you can stay up to date with toxic back links. This is a very important defensive action so having this option there for you makes a huge difference. Another useful free tool is the keyword planner, which is the ideal place to start if you are doing any keyword research.

There is also a very handy analysis tool called the SEOWorkers Analysis Tool which lets you put in a website URL and generate a report. This saves you time on analysis and provides background information on the data. The report is generated very quickly and gives you the detail you need. This tool actually teaches you about SEO while showing you the data that is important so that you can really get to grips with what is making your website successful and what is not. This makes it a really useful tool for companies who are working on their own SEO and getting to grips with the tricks of the trade as they go.

One free SEO service which many individuals and companies use is Woorank as it gives very useful insights into areas which are not immediately obvious. This can analyse any website for you with a report generated in seconds. It then offers you a section of top priorities for improving your website. It also gives you a breakdown of how your website is faring on social networks such as how often it is being shared and liked on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, among others, so you can get a comprehensive overview.