Bridgestone now developed an Air Free version tyres for bicycles

Posted on May 5 2017 - 3:37pm by Chris Tomaino

Bridgestone, best known for its tyre and rubber, recently announced that they have developed a latest-generation bicycle tyre along with their own subsidiary bicycle maker Bridgestone Cycle. The main advantage of this new version of their ‘Air Free Concept’ tyres is no air inside the tube means no flats or punctures. The company also put a lot of effort into this tyres by efficient use of resources. Because this tyres is made entirely of recycled materials. Bridgestone says that they want to bring a new Air Free Concept tyre into the market sometime in 2019. You can also read about new Bicycle on autox pedia.

It is been made possible by the research into new rubber compounds. And resin that not only make the tyre more flexible – without overheating and losing its properties. But also enable greater freedom in design, and the obvious benefit of preventing punctures.


Air Free Concept Tyre

The concept of ‘air-free’ tires is not new. The Tokyo-based Bridgestone has been playing with the idea since 2013, when it revealed its first concept tyre for small-car sized vehicles. It was a bid to reduce the need for drivers to pull to the side of the road to fix flat tires. And reduce CO2 emissions and create a more sustainable drive.

The tyre manufacturer claims about 90 % of energy loss comes from the resistance created by repeated changes in the shape of the tyres as they roll.

By simplifying the structure, Bridgestone says that it was able to minimize this energy loss. Whatever the fuel source, be it petrol, electric or man power

Benefits Of Air Free Concept Tyre

  • Airless design means broken glass and sharp metal as well as other road debris pose no threat of a puncture
  • Will reduce the amount of effort required to cycle, just by lowering friction between the tyre and road surface.
  • Shock-absorbent structure will provide a smooth ride
  • Manufacturer says that it’s working on making the wheels themselves recyclable. Just to create an eco-friendly and sustainable cycle of production
  • Wheels are made from 100 % recycled materials