GoTube Changes Everything For Scooter Enthusiasts With Its New Electric Scooter

Posted on Mar 16 2017 - 1:14pm by Chris Tomaino

A new electric scooter has been created by GoTube based in Hong Kong which offers a highly portable electric scooter that collapses down into a cylindrical tube for transportation and carrying. Of course, it also brings you through streets when you step on eScooter.

GoTube Ultra Portable Electric Scooter Design

The GoTube is an innovative and foldable electric scooter that measures 743x415x927mm and weighs 12.8 lbs. When folded, it measures 743x137x97mm. The eScooter sports an unique and ultra compact design. With a custom backpack along with strap, you can easily carry it on your back, taking a subway or bus, and the compact profile lets you effortlessly store it anywhere in your room or office.



The new eScooter also features carbon fiber cover and aluminum telescopic rod for a durable and lightweight construction. So it’s capable of supporting 300lbs, and the telescopic rod allows it to fit different riders.

GoTube Ultra Portable Electric Scooter Performance

The electric scooter comes out with a 120W motor and 36V 4Ah rechargeable battery in order to deliver up to 12km riding range and a top speed of 16km/h, and GoTube is powerful enough to handle inclines up to 10 degrees.

Furthermore, both front and rear wheels feature shock absorption that delivers a smooth riding experience. Its front and taillight LED lights make you easily visible when you ride it at the night. Using its integrated tachometer with a push button, you can handily control its speed, and an extra USB port lets you directly charge your smartphone via the eScooter.

GoTube Ultra Portable Electric Scooter Price

The crowdfunding campaign for GoTube is ongoing on Kickstarter. You can pledge $300 to preorder the electric scooter and a custom backpack. The bundle will be shipped in March.