NIKOLA ONE Electric Semi-Truck Aim At Diesel’s Dominance

Posted on Sep 8 2016 - 6:33pm by Chris Tomaino

Nikola made two big announcements: The first was that it existed, and the second was that it was developing a US $375,000 hybrid electric semi truck called ‘Nikola One’, and an all-electric UTV called the Nikola Zero. The Nikola One is a 2,000-hp electric semi truck that uses a natural gas turbine as an onboard generator.

The company promised that the truck, powered by lithium battery packs and also a compressed natural gas generator, would be better than the current-gen of semi trucks in every single way. Nikola says that it would best its competitors in terms of power, efficiency, speed, weight, safety, cost of ownership, and durability.

Nikola One features a 150-gallon dHybrid storage sys stacked behind its cab that fuels a turbine generator, which charges a 320-kilowatt-hour battery pack that drives six motors, one for each wheel.


It boasts a 335 horsepower electric motor and a dual gear reduction at every one of its 6 wheels, giving it over 2,000 horsepower. With a full 150-gallon tank of fuel, Nikola claims the truck will be able to travel 1,200 miles between fill-ups.

The truck’s fuel efficiency ranges from 29.4 to 19.6 liters per 100 km (between 8 and 12 mpg). It is tank can store 379 liters (100 gallons), yielding its advertised 1,930-km (1,200 mile) max: range. Without the generator, a full battery pack provides enough energy to propel the truck for as much as 320 km, depending upon the load. If you want to, you can plug the truck into a wall to charge its battery pack that way, but the practical design of the new Nikola One is really based around the turbine.

Each Nikola One will cost $5,000 per month, but the maintenance and fuel will be included at no additional cost for the first 1.6 million kilometers. This, says Nikola motor, will make it an attractive financial proposition for owners and operators.