Hands On With the Newest Essential Home

Posted on Jun 4 2017 - 6:56am by Brad Haddin

A few days ago, the Android co-founder Andy Rubin has recently announced a high-end smartphone, dubbed as Essential Phone. Along with the powerful android smartphone, the company has also unveiled another product, a smart hub known as Essential Home. A new intelligent voice assistance device wants to compete with the Apple, Google and Amazon voice assistant device. But there is only one thing which made it more impressive, it will come with a display.

Essential Home

The Essential home is a small, puck-shaped device, which contains a screen display where you can see notifications, messages and images as well. Like the other voice assistant, you can also give commands to the essential home and ask questions through your voice. The essential home has a built-in speaker, so when you ask it to play music so it will play itself. You can also set a timer and all the things, which you have been doing with the other home assistant.

Essential Home display

The newly announced home assistant runs on the new Essential’s operating system Ambient OS, which is specifically designed for the smart homes. With the new Ambient OS, the essential home is able to work with other home devices and you can also control other devices through voice commands. Like, you can command it to dim the lights of your home. And with the display screen, you can also control it and do other function without using your voice.

As I mentioned above, the essential home assistant will work with other home devices as well, but the astonishing thing, it can even work with Siri, Alexa or Google assistant as well. The company has not announced the pricing details and the release date of the Essential home yet. While the Essential phone will begin shipping in the coming months.