Muji has debuted a pair of jeans with a special pocket designed to hold your smartphone

Posted on Oct 9 2017 - 1:28pm by Chris Tomaino

Most city dwellers positively cannot live without their smartphones—it’s either constantly on their hands or safely tucked away in a pocket or bag when not in use. Muji thought to change the usual denim pants design by including a “sixth pocket” to house this ubiquitous symbol of 21st century lifestyle.

The special phone compartment is placed on the returned, and it sits just better than the ordinary rear pocket positioned at the proper on maximum pairs of denims. “It’s positioned purposely off focused,” Muji stated of the design, “so that you don’t have to worry approximately ever sitting on it.” even as Muji is advertising and marketing the sixth pocket for doing away with ugly bulges, there may be another capability gain with this design. For the reason that some human beings carry their phones within the same pocket with objects like keys and cash, setting apart the phone in its own separate compartment method that your device won’t come into touch with other normal items that you may area to your other wallet, and your device might be much less prone to scratches.


Unfortunately, the pocket is not so deep and it leaves part of the phone’s upper half sticking out. If you wear your shirts tucked out, it may not be much of a concern. Tucking in shirts leaves gadgets inside the 6th pocket dangerously exposed.

The pocket is designed to keep you from sitting on your phone, which is absolutely a actual difficulty, however additionally makes me surprise if your smartphone is sincerely at a larger liability on this function. It’s so precarious with its digicam sticking out. If you wear your shirt tucked in, wouldn’t a person be able to stroll through and scouse borrow it? Muji does appear to exist in a few type of enormously prepared utopia, so maybe in that area, petty theft isn’t a aspect.