Put a spin on your brushing with the Be. Battery-Free Electronic Toothbrush

Posted on Feb 26 2018 - 7:32am by Chris Tomaino

An electric toothbrush eliminates a whole lot of the legwork in maintaining your pearly whites shining brightly, but they aren’t plenty use while the battery runs flat. “Be” is a quite first rate battery-free brush that uses kinetic energy from a simple twisting movement to offer the advantages of a motorized enamel scrubbing, without the forethought (and waste) worried with its electrified brethren.

At the base is a graceful and ergonomic knob. All you need to do is twist. Much like a wind-up toy, the Be. Toothbrush requires two complete twists to provide you 80,000 brush strokes. in addition, the top uses a stress sensor to offer you the most suitable smooth at the same time as nonetheless being gentle. The Be. Toothbrush doesn’t just keep on strength. It’s additionally absolutely sustainable and crafted from a 100 percent recyclable materials. Even the brushes are biodegradable. Speaking of, the Binchotan bristles are an appropriate density for scrubbing your tooth till they’re pearly white.

Be. Battery-Free Electronic Toothbrush

Be. Battery-Free Electronic Toothbrush Design & Features

It looks much like a standard electric toothbrush with a thick body and slimmer brush head, but packs no battery inside. Rather, the brush is powered up through a twisting mechanism at its base, just like wind-up music box. But instead of playing tunes, two quick twists will send the brush heads spinning for a good two minutes, in which time it delivers no less than 80,000 strokes.

Be. Battery-Free Electronic Toothbrush Price

Early backers can get a starter package for $49 (a broom, three head refills and a travel case), however there had been only some dozen left as of this writing — and there weren’t many extra for the $89 cleaning kit or $96 two-pack, either. And you may should wait until December 2018 even if you do get a pledge in. If Goodwell pulls this off, though, it is going to be no small feat — you may have a powered brush you could take on vacation understanding that it may not conk out in mid-scrub.