The Caavo box takes eight devices and makes them all seamlessly available

Posted on Jul 14 2017 - 5:22pm by Chris Tomaino

The face of TV has changed, both figuratively and literally. We get our content from so many sources, most of them with their own sanctioned device or hardware, not to mention software gateway. As such, watching TV has become more varied but also more involved, requiring nothing less than a juggling act to make sense of anything and everything. Caavo, a startup from the folks behind the original Sling box, hopes to make your life a bit easier with its set-top box, which can control up to eight different devices at once. Think about it like a awesome-powered normal faraway: It no longer handiest helps you to without problems switch among all the devices below your tv, but you may also use it to look for stuff to observe throughout them. And sure, that consists of streaming services on offerings like Netflix and Amazon prime, as well as live tv.

Caavo is like an interpreter for those services. Technically it is greater like a hub. You connect all those content material sources, those boxes and pay tv cables, to Caavo. You then want to attach your tv to Caavo and not anything else. In practice, you handiest want to deal with one box and one remote to control half a dozen different boxes.

There is an Alexa skill means that it lets you ask your Amazon Echo to control your Apple TV, which is fairly surprising given the balkanized state of TV services and devices. (Apple and Amazon do not usually play nice when it comes to TV.) You can even switch back and forth between all of your various boxes’ native remotes and the Caavo remote without any hassle. It looks great.

At $399, though, Caavo is clearly aiming for a very niche audience. And since it is another box you have to hook up and configure in your home theater, it does not really do much to simplify clutter. Sure, it means you will only have a single cable connected to your TV or receiver, but all of your other devices and cables will still be nearby.