Get Better Image Quality from your Cameras with Avigilon

Posted on Jun 18 2015 - 3:17am by admin

If you are having issues with your security camera network and image clarity then consider installing an analog video encoder so that you can maximize security. These encoders enable you to transform your security system. With these systems you can expect unparalleled image detail that will revolutionise the way you approach security.

security camera network and image clarity

If you are unsatisfied with your current camera network and feel that you could do more to streamline and maximise your security systems then consider using an analog video encoder. This is a brilliant solution which will radically transform your security system; giving you image detail which means that you can ensure nothing goes amiss on your watch.

Many people choose to use avigilon encoding because you can use it with your current camera network, by simply updating it to an IP-based solution. You can expect clearer images so that you can see events in the areas you are monitoring in better detail than ever before, meaning if the worst was to happen you are much more likely to catch the perpetrator.

These encoders work by minimising storage requirements for your IP security system, while minimizing bandwidth. This makes the whole system much more efficient so that you can have high quality surveillance footage to work from. There is nothing worse than finding that a crime has possibly been committed but not having the quality there from the footage to establish the events and identify the perpetrator properly, but with this system that problem is eliminated.

You can now unlock your camera network’s full potential thanks to this state of the art technology which has unrivalled by any other. This means you will have greater coverage of areas you are monitoring and overall enhancing the protection of your premises, staff and the public.

There are many benefits to installing this system, from allowing you to easier identify suspects with clear identification of facial features, to its being cost effective. You need fewer cameras which means that you save money on installations and use less bandwidth. You lower the total cost of ownership and are getting images which have a high level of quality and can therefore be used to gain successful convictions thanks to their being useful evidence.

This analog system also allows for better integration with other security systems which means it doesn’t have to be at odds with any other systems you currently have in place. You can upgrade your existing network with this award winning technology, while saving money for your business, making it all round an obviously sound investment in your company. Rather than installing a whole new CCTV system, which can be very costly to do, with this analog encoding technology you are using what you already have and ensuring it is working at a high level.

If you are already using access control and alarms, you can expect this system to integrate seamlessly. This technology is already used by companies all over the UK and has been proven effective, so make sure you install yours now.