JBL Charge 2+ (Plus) – Sound Impresses

Posted on Jul 25 2015 - 2:26am by Brad Haddin

The charge 2 plus has been announced by JBL and it’s become well-known all over the world by its specialties and designing. JBL proves that with the Charge 2 plus, it’s leading the way into the future of mini yet mighty Bluetooth speakers. By and large, these miniature speakers still have a long road ahead of them before that association is dissolved.

Charge 2 Plus


This new version features the same 6,000mAh internal battery that is capable of an advertised 12 hours of life. Mids are rich and highs are crisp and, better yet, raising the volume does not bring on deformation. It is an awesome experience, especially when you consider the cost. Its big battery comes in handy if you need to give your phone or tablet some juice, but the overall battery life will take a noticeable dive as a result. It’s a reasonable price to pay for bringing your devices back to life.

Also new with the Charge 2 plus is the splash-resistance. You cannot submerse it, but it can withstand splashes, rainfall and even a rinse under the faucet to clean it off. To put it simply, this speaker defies its small size with full, booming sound. JBL fixed one of our issues with the Charge 2 in this new version. It’s now quick to connect, whereas before it tended to take a while before the speaker connected with our paired device.


The Charge 2 plus, like the Charge 2, has an internal microphone and allows you to pick up calls by pressing the phone button. Right next to it, JBL includes the ‘Social Mode’ button, allowing up to three mobile devices to tether via Bluetooth simultaneously. Thankfully, those features are all intact in the Charge 2 plus. You will still find the the slick, metal grille wrapping around the speaker, as well as the touches of rubber and matte plastic that make up the rest of the build.

The speaker, which can be stood vertically on either of its ends or rested flat, specialties LED (light emitting diode) illuminated volume control, Bluetooth pairing and power buttons, to name a few. It is also stocked with a few other neat buttons, but some are strangely implemented.

Final Decision

If you are really on a tight budget, but you do not wanna miss out on specialties like water-resistance and full sound delivery, check out the $59 £49, AU$69 Creative Muvo Mini. Just know that you will be missing out on the rattling bass capabilities of the Charge 2 plus.